With 40 years of experience and permanent innovation, we offer the complete range of monolithic products for the most demanding industries. We provide innovative engineering and turnkey construction services with cutting-edge developments for the needs of modern plants.


To accompany our clients in the face of current competitive demands, we have developed a series of services to assist them during maintenance tasks. With our own state-of-the-art equipment, we managed to reduce assembly times, guaranteeing the quality of the installed product.


We offer the complete range of monolithic products with compositions from 95% silica to 95% alumina with the best additives worldwide for every requirement. We have a range of more than 1000 formulations and the commitment to continuously generate new products for new needs. We offer product lines for all types of applications: vibrable, self-flowing, hot and cold sprayable concrete, tamper, mortars, insulators, and special concretes such as non-wetting for aluminum, anti-erosion, antacid and more.

With experience in leading and exceeding performance levels worldwide, we help our clients to minimize their costs and contribute to greater care for the environment.


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